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    Universal Services

    Offered to every family

    Working in partnership with children, young people and families to lead and deliver the Healthy Child Programme (5-19) working with Health Visitors to programme a seamless transition upon school entry.

    School Nurses and their team provide the Healthy Child Programme to ensure a healthy start for every child. They support children, young people and parents to ensure access to a range of community services.


    Universal plus

    Further support for children, young people, and families

    Universal Plus delivers a swift response from your School Nurse when your child needs specific expert help (e.g., with sexual health, mental health concerns, long-term conditions and additional health needs). The School Nurse will see your child either in school, the community if your child comes to see the School Nurse in drop in or through a referral from yourself or another professional. 


    Universal Partnership plus

    Working with other services to provide additional support

    Universal Partnership Plus delivers ongoing support by your School Nurse from a range of local services working together and with you, to deal with more complex issues over a period of time (e.g. with charities and your local authority).