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  • Core Contact with School Nurse Team:
  • Information sharing and consent
  • Contacts with School Nurses

    Contacts with School Nurses

    Reception Screening

    In Reception your child will receive a health questionnaire to be completed by their parent/guardian. This is used to determine if your child's health needs are being met and the best way for the School Nurse Team to support them. The School Nurse Team will provide to all children a series of health screening visits in school to check your child's:
    • Hearing
    • Vision
    • Height and Weight

    Contacts with School Nurses

    Year 6 Screening

    In Year 6 your child will receive a health questionnaire to be completed by their parent/guardian. This is used by your school nurses to ensure that all of the health needs of your child are been met in preparation for progressing to secondary school.

    Your child's height and weight will also be recorded on to your child's health record and submitted to the National Child Measurement Program (NCMP) omitting any identifying information such as their name. You will be given an opportunity to opt-out your child from the NCMP.

    Contacts with School Nurses

    NCMP (National Child Measurement Programme)

    The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) measures the height and weight of children in reception class (aged 4 to 5 years) and year 6 (aged 10 to 11 years) to assess overweight and obesity levels in children within primary schools. This data can be used at a national level to support local public health initiatives and inform the local planning and delivery of services for children.

    The programme is recognised internationally as a world-class source of public health intelligence and holds UK National Statistics status.

    The NCMP was set up in line with the Government's strategy to tackle obesity and to:
    • inform local planning and delivery of services for children
    • gather population-level data to allow analysis of trends in growth patterns and obesity
    • increase public and professional understanding of weight issues in children and be a vehicle for engaging with children and families about healthy lifestyles and weight issues.

    Children's heights and weights are measured and used to calculate a Body Mass Index (BMI) centile. The measurement process is overseen by trained healthcare professionals in schools.

    Contacts with School Nurses

    Year 8 Contact

    All children in Year 8 will be seen in school either in an assembly or in class, they will be told about the school nurse service available to them in schools including details about the drop in. Young people over the age of 13 can consent themselves to come and see the school nurse. The School Nurse service is a confidential service and young people will be told about confidentiality and consent

    In the presentation young people will be given information about immunisations including:
    School leaver booster/teenage booster
    Meningitis ACWY

    Contacts with School Nurses

    Year 10 Contact

    All pupils in Year 10 will be invited to complete a confidential and anonymous questionnaire about their health and lifestyle. The responses from the questionnaire will be collated by each school, then the School Nurse Team will analyse the data to decide what health input is needed at each school.