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    Level one continence advice

    School Nurse Teams will help you to look at basic continence advice and support you to see if some first line advice will help you with resolving your child's continence issues

    Click here for some basic advice which may help you before you see a School Nurse


    Children's continence team (level 2)

    There are currently 2 teams that School Nurse teams can refer onto for further support with continence issues. The North team is run by Chesterfield Royal hospital, you can find out more information on their service by clicking here and the South team is run by DCHS staff and their information is listed below.

    South of the county - Children's continence service

    As a service we support children with night time wetting, soiling, constipation, daytime incontinence, toilet refusal and delayed toileting up to the age of 19 years. We also can prescribe bed alarms and/or medication for night time wetting. We liaise with GP's for bladder scans and prescribing other medications such as laxatives for constipation. We also work collaboratively GP's for referrals to specialist services such as Paediatric Urology and Gastroenterology. We support children and young people with incontinence products, ensuring that they are reviewed regularly and support is given to ensure that  incontinence products are fitting correctly and promoting continence. We support children and young people in school where needed, by liaising with schools via letter or telephone. We will arrange meetings in school to develop toileting plans to ensure that children and young people have consistency in their toileting routines. We liaise with a wide range of professionals that are involved in children and young peoples' care.