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    Derbyshire Children’s Continence Service Level 1

    School Nurse Teams will help you with basic continence advice and support you with first line advice to help with resolving your child's continence issues.



    Derbyshire Children’s Continence Service Level 2

    We are a small nurse led community service working within Derby City and Derbyshire. We support children and young people 4-18 years (19 years if in a special school), with continence needs.

    There is a lot of self-help that parents/carers can use to support their child/young person’s continence needs. Please see the links below:



    ERIC is a national charity for children and young people with continence needs.

    Toilet training:

    Night time wetting:

    Daytime incontinence:




    If you have tried the self-advice above and have had no success, please contact your Health Visitor, School Nurse or GP for further support and advice. 


    The pictures below are links to information leaflets that you can download. Just simply click the picture and you can open or download the leaflet.



                  Teaching your child how to wipe his bottom      Teaching your child how to wipe her bottom     Stages for toilet training

                  Is bedwetting a problem?     Constipation and soiling     Advice for day time wetting

                  Trouble shooting