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    Healthy Schools Community Award


    So far there are 55 schools who have completed their award. Lots more are working towards completing it this year. Below we have some great award stories for you to look at, showcasing all the great work staff and pupils are doing to ensure their schools and communities are healthy places to play and learn.

    What is the Award?

    The Healthy School Communities model views ‘health’ as physical, social and emotional wellbeing. It strives to build health into all aspects of life at school and in the community, to enhance collaborative working, and improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

    A broad range of health topics are covered, which include physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and emotional wellbeing, relationships and sexual health, personal safety, life skills, substance misuse, alcohol misuse and the prevention of uptake of smoking.

    Research evidence shows that education and health are closely linked. Therefore promoting the health and wellbeing of pupils within schools has the potential to improve their educational outcomes, as well as their health and wellbeing outcomes.


    • To support schools to adopt strategies and practices that seek to promote pupil health and wellbeing, and improve whole-school effectiveness. 
    • To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, emotional and physical development of pupils at the school and in the wider school community. Prepare pupils for the future, and promote the health of staff and volunteers.   
    • To promote the school as a ‘healthy setting’.
    • To work with others in identifying and meeting the health needs of the whole school and its’ wider community.     


    What does the Healthy School Community Award Involve?

    1. School Health Profile.
    2. School Health Self Review.
    3. Identification of what areas are working well and which need improvement.
    4. Formulation of action plan.
    5. Completion of actions.
    6. Submission of evidence.
    7. Evaluation of evidence.
    8. Achieve award.

    An online self-review tool will be used to support schools to identify gaps and define actions to meet the criteria to achieve the Healthy School Communities Award. This will involve working with the wider community and partner agencies to address external factors that can impact and influence pupils health and wellbeing. The results of the review will indicate areas of strength and areas that require further development and could also highlight areas that haven’t yet been established as a priority.

    Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) will develop an action plan in partnership with the school, the wider community and partner agencies.  The action plan and the self-review will then be used to focus on health outcomes to receive the award.
    The Award is valid for three years. The school, wider community and partner agencies are encouraged to continue the self-review process themselves annually.