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  • Drop-in Information - SEE UPDATE BELOW

    Drop-in Information - SEE UPDATE BELOW


    * Please text ChatHealth to arrange an appointment on 07507 330025 *

    All secondary schools hold a school nurse drop in and this page has information on what day you can see your School Nurse in school and where you can find them in the school.

    What is a drop in?

    This is a session in school where you can drop in and see a member of the school nurse team and talk about anything that concerns you about your emotional, physical or sexual health. In some schools you do not need an appointment you just turn up at the venue and wait to be seen, at other schools you may need to make an appointment. If you would like to know more on what it is like to see a School Nurse please watch our video

    What services are available at 'Drop in'?

    If you would like to know more on why you would see a School Nurse watch this short video

    Some secondary schools allow the offer enhanced services in schools and this includes:

    How can I make an appointment?

    1. You can make an appointment by speaking to your school, who may make a referral or have a booking system
    2. You can visit our contact us page on the website and email the team
    3. You will be made an appointment by the school nurse team and this will be given to you

    Is what I say confidential?

    Yes, often! If you are 13years old or older we do not need to tell anybody we are seeing you, or tell anybody why, if we believe that you are Fraser Competent. This means that we believe you understand the decisions you're making, and possible consequences for these. If you are under the age of 13 then school nurses will need to inform your parent/carer that we are seeing you. The exception is if we believe you to be at risk of significant harm, or posing risk of significant harm to somebody else. If this was the case we would need to share information with other professionals, however we will always try and tell you first.

    Drop-in Information - SEE UPDATE BELOW