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    What you need to know

    We know that lots of young people like to drink alcohol recreationally, however doing so can lead to risk taking, as well as impacting on your brain development. It is believed that if teenagers consume a large amount of alcohol under the age of 20 years it may lead to brain abnormalities. Drinking alcohol can also lead you to take risks which you would not normally take when sober. Alcohol is known to disrupt the brain's ability to make decisions and understand risk, this could also lead to you being more likely to have an accident.

    Top Tips

    1) If you are going to drink alcohol make sure you do so in moderation
    2) Be sure to tell somebody where you are going if you plan to drink alcohol e.g. parent/carer
    3) Water your drinks down (people won't notice)
    4) Use lots of ice in your drink to make it less strong
    5) It is illegal for you to buy alcohol or drink in pubs/bars under the age of 18years.
    6) Be sure to have a designated friend to keep an eye out for you as required
    7) Don't leave your drink unattended
    8) If you are in a busy area try to cover the top of your drink to prevent it being spiked
    9) Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks
    10) Discuss your alcohol consumption with a professional e.g. School Nurse/youth worker

    Further info

    For more information on alcohol and how to keep yourself safe when drinking alcohol please see some further resources:

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