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    Healthy Eating

    What you need to know

    Whilst you are a teenager your body is going through a number of changes and your brain is still developing, it is best if these changes are made whilst your body is being supported by a healthy diet. Eating healthily doesn't mean cutting out all of the stereotypically yummy foods, but it does mean eating them less often and in smaller amounts. It is important during teenage years when eating healthily to actually eat, not to skip meals, substitute food for drinks, or to start unreasonable diets. There are a number of nutrients that are super important whilst you are still growing and developing, so a balanced diet is essential.

    Top Tips

    1) Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
    2) Don't skip meals, especially breakfast
    3) Try and swap snacks such as crisps or chocolate for healthier snacks
    4) Drink lots of water- keep hydrated
    5) Eat a good balance of foods from different food groups
    6) Reduce the amount of salt you eat
    7) Keep your portion sizes appropriate
    8) Stop eating when you don't feel hungry and don't eat late at night
    9) Keep a food diary
    10) Talk to your School Nurse for healthy eating advice

    Further info

    For more information on healthy eating please see some more resources below:

    NHS Choices

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