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    Your school nurse can provide the C-Card service to you at school within your school nurse drop in, if it is an enhanced drop in. You do not need an appointment to access the C-Card service but can 'drop in' over school break and lunch times. As well as this, some school nursing teams offer community based drop ins where you can also access the C-Card, either way this service is offered confidentially.

    The Derbyshire County and Derby City C-Card scheme is a community based condom distribution scheme, which provides confidential access to free condoms, lube and dams, as well as sexual health advice and support to young people aged 13-19.

    The scheme aims to make condoms more acceptable and accessible, overcome many of the barriers that prevent young people from accessing sexual health services and encourage longer term sexual health awareness, as well as better use of services. It also helps to contribute to reducing unplanned teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Users of the scheme will need to meet with a trained worker at a C-Card registration site to register for their credit care style C-Card, and initial supplies.

    Once the card is issued, it can then be shown at any venue which displays the C-Card logo and the young people can then be given new supplied of condoms for a further nine visits without further consultation.

    Once the card is full, the young person will need to return to a registration site to re-register.


    To access our condom page please click here 

    To find your nearest registration point click here

    To find out if your school offers an enhanced school nurse drop in click here