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    Condom Technique

    Putting a condom on correctly is essential in order for the condom to be as safe and effective as possible. Without the correct technique the condom may not be as effective, may split, and this could lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

    How to put a condom on

    Step 1) Check the expiry date of the condom and that it has a CE mark and Kite mark
    Step 2) Carefully open the foil packaging that the condom is wrapped in, taking care not to tear the condom. This is best done from zigzag edge to zigzag edge
    Step 3) Place the condom on the palm of your hand. The condom should be in the shape of a 'Mexican' hat rather than a 'Beanie' hat
    Step 4) Hold the tip of the condom between your forefinger and thumb to make sure it is put on the right way round, and that no air is trapped inside (the condom may split if air is trapped inside)
    Step 5) Place the condom over the tip of the penis
    Step 6) While squeezing the tip of the condom, roll it down over the length of the erect penis. If the condom will not unroll easily it is likely to be inside out. Start again with a new condom as there may be sperm on it
    Step 7) Make sure that the condom stays in place while you are having sex. If it comes off, stop and put on a new one
    Step 8) Hold on to the base of the condom so that it doesn't slip off the penis when pulling out at the end of sex
    Step 9) Tie the condom in a knot
    Step 10) Dispose of the condom in a bin

    Top Tips

    1) Always check the expiry date, CE mark and Kite mark
    2) Always check the condom packet is intact
    3) Whilst the packet is intact, squeeze the condom to one side to prevent tearing the condom
    4) If buying a condom from a vending machine e.g. in a public toilet ensure this is not above a radiator/hand dryer, this may lower the effectiveness
    5) It is not safe to use two condoms, this increases the likelihood of the condom splitting
    6) Be sure to use water based lubricants, oil based lubricants (e.g. Vaseline) can reduce safety of the condom
    7) Condoms provide instant protection
    8) When the condom is on the erect penis, make sure it has a 'wrinkly middle' as extra condom material means less friction
    9) You can get latex free condoms
    10) Flavoured condoms smell better and do not have to be used for oral sex

    For a helpful video on how to put a condom on click here