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  • Pregnancy

    We offer pregnancy testing with young people who require one. It is a simple urine sample pregnancy test with an immediate result. Our confidentiality statement continues to apply (see sexual health page), many young people think that we inform the GP of pregnancy testing, however this isn’t true.

    We advise that in order for a pregnancy test to be accurate it needs to be completed 2-3 weeks after the episode of Unprotected Sexual Intercourse (UPSI).  The school nurse will advise you around the best time to do the test. A pregnancy test which is completed prior to this time may not provide a reliable reading.

    Before completing a pregnancy test with young people, school nurses will discuss the different options available to a young person should the pregnancy test read as positive. This helps the young person to make an informed decision prior to this becoming a possible reality.  If the pregnancy test is positive, the school nurse will signpost the young person to appropriate support services.
    Regardless of the outcome of the pregnancy test school nurses will advise young people on contraceptive methods and STI screening as required.